Understand why you need Uninsured Motorist Coverage.

Of course a financial recovery is crucial, but that often takes months if not years to achieve. What is needed immediately is pain relief and physical wellness to the extent available by modern medicine.

Our client sustained a concussion, an injury to her neck, left ankle, and left knee.

Even with over the counter pain medication, the pain in her back and knee was unbearable. She ultimately had to seek out more invasive treatment to her back, namely interlaminar epidural steroid injections, so that she could better cope with her pain. She also received platelet-rich plasma injections in her left knee.

Both of these injections proved to be necessary for her long-term relief.

Once she was able to get to a more stable position and reach maximum medical improvement, we compiled all the medical records and bills and sent our offer of compromise to the insurance company.

Without having to file a lawsuit, this case was resolved with all the medical bills, case expenses, and legal fees paid. That’s not all. The settlement was substantial enough to ensure that the client has enough money for various types of invasive procedure she may likely need in the future.

Working with my clients is always a privilege and helping this man was no exception. I am grateful that he had UM coverage because the defendant was not insured. It would have been tough to recover without any help from insurance.

None of this content creates an attorney- client relationship. It is always best to consult an attorney. Feel free to text us for tailored legal advice for your specific case: (310) 693-0720.

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