Learn more about the Awad Law Firm and our focus to provide Unreasonable Hospitality to those injured in car accidents.
The Awad Law Firm's team provides a wide range of services, from Auto Accidents to Medical Malpractice. We can provide you the expertise and knowledge to help you win your case.
Review some of the cases that we have had phenomenal success. Our clients and results speak for themselves.

The Awad Law Firm

Standing up for you against the insurance companies who put profit over people.

Why do we care? Because we’ve been in your shoes. And with that real-life experience, it is not difficult to build an emotional connection. It is our mission to provide you with trustworthy legal guidance. Those we serve have come to recognize us as being compassionate, understanding, and tenacious.

We know how it feels to be bullied by insurance adjusters. For over a decade, we’ve helped people get fair settlements. In our recent trial in Cobb County, the jury returned a verdict 200 times more than Allstate’s initial offer. We will help you navigate the legal system with minimal stress.

Let the Karate Attorney & his team fight for you!

Community Minded

The Awad Law Firm is committed to giving back to his home-town community in a variety of ways, not the least of which is funding the Awad Law Firm scholarship at Dalton State College.

Emily Bradshaw

2022 The Awad Law Scholarship

Liam Olivia

2021 The Awad Law Scholarship

Noah Emma

2020 The Awad Law Scholarship

Highlighted Cases

Review just a few of the cases that we have won for our clients.

Why The Awad Law Firm?

You Are a Unique Person

Every client that comes through our doors is an individual - a dignified human being - a person who has been injured and endured a loss. And though many people may sustain the same or similar injury, how that injury impacts their life can be profoundly different. As members of the Trial Lawyers College, we use psychodramatic techniques and take the time to understand how a seemingly insignificant injury can alter a person’s life.

Experts At Our Trade

Not only do we fulfill our clients’ trust in us by delivering top quality legal service, we also teach other attorneys how to better represent their clients through our non-profit educational organization: Awad Academy.com

Nothing Held Back

We believe in leaving no stone unturned. Our evidence retrieval specialists are experts in their field. We will pursue every witness, every video, and gather any and all evidence needed to substantiate the legitimacy of your case. Every detail of your story is important. It is not enough that we vociferously argue your position, we ensure that we have the facts to support it.

A Team Of Support

When our clients hire us to represent them, they are not just getting one lawyer, but an entire team of client care, insurance accountability, and evidence retrieval specialists. Further, when you text us, our entire team will get your message, and we promise to answer your enquiry within 24 hours. Working as a complete unit, we are able to provide Unreasonable Hospitality.

The Awad Law Firm Story

Standing Up To Bullies

Ibrahim Awad decided to become an attorney long before law school. As a high schooler, Mr. Awad was the cornerstone of his school’s mock trial team, leading them to their first Regional Championship in over a decade. After graduating near the top of his class, he attended Dalton State College and began working at the District Attorney’s Office in Whitfield County.

Ibrahim graduated from law school and passed the bar on his first attempt. His work with the government allowed him to see many injustices firsthand. Those experiences compelled him to protect the disenfranchised who had fallen victim to the system. His love for the courtroom soon led him to open his own law firm. The Awad Law Firm specializes in all types of injury cases.

Car Accidents

Personal Injury

Motorcycle Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Catastrophic Injury

Wrongful Death

Getting Started With Your Case

The five steps to getting your story told.



Receiving the proper medical attention


Collecting Medical Records

Retrieving all records and bills


Offer of Compromise

The opportunity to tell your story


Negotiation With Insurance Company

Maximizing the value of your case


Settlement & Disburcement

Authorization to resolve your case

Over 200 Five Star ratings

So many trust the Awad Law Firm with their case. Contact us today, we would be honored to represent you.
“If you want to be safe, hire this firm…Everything about this law firm is absolutely professional, along with being very friendly and understanding. They went out of their way to ensure I was taken care of, and I was more than happy with the results. Would and will recommend to all others. 10/10.”