The Awad Academy

With over a decade of study, legal training and law practice, Ibrahim Awad refined and honed his craft with the ultimate goal of applying that skill to his own firm, so that he could bring justice to those in need. During that time he has crafted a methodology to stand up to insurance companies.

Ibrahim stands as a testament to the fact that with determination and the right tools, you can turn the tables on giants. His mission has always been to level the playing field using his knowledge to fearlessly champion his clients’ rights.

Magistrate Mastermind Course

So what I found is clients end up being extremely dissatisfied because they don’t wanna cough up that much money on the front end. And on the flip side, lawyers don’t want to take on that case on a contingency fee because it’s too small. Ok. So there really exists no avenue, no path for the client to pursue this small claim. Mostly because people are afraid of the court system. Even though you don’t have to be an attorney to file a claim in small claims court, most people will avoid it like the Black Plague.

Justice Camera

Justice Camera is the new state of the art Dash Camera with a 4” LCD touchscreen display. With its loop 1296P HD recording feature, Justice Camera will protect you and your family on a daily basis. Justice Camera is equipped with a G-Sensor, as well as the flexibility to capture still images with its 12 MegaPixel and 170 degree wide-angle lens. Protect your loved ones with Justice in High Resolution.