Triple the Policy Limit

Many times a client has an injury that is worth more than the available policy limit of the at-fault driver. This is unfortunately a sad reality that many injured do not know may be a limitation on their particular case. We have represented families of loved ones that were killed, and unfortunately, were limited with a $25,000.00 recovery because the insurance company has no duty to pay a penny over their contract.

Nonetheless, for this particular case, we were able to recover TRIPLE the policy for our client – WITHOUT filing a lawsuit. But how?

The insurance company failed to meet the terms of our demand:

“Our records indicate that the first term was not adhered to and thus, Progressive rejected our offer of compromise. Acceptance was sent 34 days after receipt of the offer of compromise. Even when accounting for New Years Day, Christmas Day, and Martin Luther King Day, the acceptance was untimely.”

Even though the insurance company “accepted” to pay the policy limit, they were late in doing so. And because our terms were laid out with precision, the insurance company knew it messed up.

At that point, we sent an offer of compromise THREE times the amount of the policy and it was TIMELY ACCEPTED. The insurance company agreed to pay money that it was not obligated to pay, because they failed to accept the terms of the offer of compromise.

It is vital to retain a law firm that one, knows the law, and two, is respected within the industry to a degree that the insurance company knows that if the terms were not adhered to, they will be taken to a account.

We are fortunate to have clients that trust us with their cases.