Celebrating 10 Years of Unreasonable Hospitality

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In 2023, the Awad Law Firm celebrated its 10th anniversary.  The firm has grown from a small home office to a staff of over 17 in two locations.

This presentation details some of their experiences while working for the firm.

Living Out Unreasonable Hospitality

At the Awad Law Firm, Ibrahim firmly believes in being exceptional in everything that he does.  This matters most when working with his clients.  Every client, regardless of their case, is considered family, and their needs are held in the highest regard.

This is where the Book Unreasonable Hospitality comes in.  You see, today, every business can choose to be a hospitality business—and we can all transform ordinary transactions into extraordinary experiences.

–Will Guidara

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For over ten years we have been serving our clients in Atlanta, Marietta and now in Dalton.
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